Guitar wire


‘Finally i correct back my guitar and change the new guitar wire .’
” I keep my guitar at my friend house since i starting working in Singapore,it was 18 months . I didn’t practice playing guitar long time ago and hope i still remember all the song chords and have fun of it !!

‘Shinji Kimura’ – Tekkonkinkreet Art Book


Title – Shinji Kimura ( 木村真二 ) – Tekkon Kinkreet ( 鉄コン筋クリート) Art Book

Author – Shinji Kimura

‘ I went to Kinokuniya Book shop today, & found ‘ Tekkon Kinkreet Art Book ‘
I remember i saw this Anime adv before and i like the color mood very much. So i check and flip  the book at  counter . When i hold the book on hand, my eyes keep on blinking and I was so crazy in all the detail and color mood . It was so perfect and attractive!  Finally i bought it as my collection, so in love in this art book.

( i found a scan image from internet )

The color schemes are based on advertisements of 1950’s and 1960’s japan.
and has a nostalgic retro feel.

I love it so much !!