ExPro Mac !!

My MBP 17-inch .. .. Baby !!

Finally i bought a MBP, i plan to buy MAC computer long time ago .. ..
Since i explorer my 1st mac G4 .. it got limitation to update or doing design ,
because of hardware problem and ram limitation. I always dreaming if i have
a new vision of mac product. I’m sure i can do a lot of thing, and sure have a
lot of fun in mac product !!

When i free i always research apple.com is it any new vision of mac product and
new software, and i found a mac software call ‘ iLife’09 ‘ – iWeb this software
really power and easy to use !! Because u just need to drag and click the website
/blog will be create !! I did my online portfolio ‘ www.fangloong.com ‘ , it only took
few hours to finish the website after u decide the design layout and what u want to
post ,after that u also easy to edit the website !!

I love it so much ~~