Frog rigging !!

Rigging character .. for me is a long story !! Because what i done last company all are simulation !! So i have to do a recall rigging test … If not sure can’t rigging anymore !! … … now what i worry is paint weight … maybe tomorrow i will test it how … damn forgot od!!

Working everyway !!

I join Digipost is start from Jan 2008 and this short period time, i have been two places are Cambodia and Vietnam … … where i go are not for traveling, it for working !! I have no idea what going on … … there keep on sent me to other country working , i feel like very floating … i don’t know where am i !! Every time i go other place i need to change my money … change my mind .. etc !!

My mind get start … … thinking this job is it suitable me or not ? Because i feel  tired … … confusing already !!

浜崎あゆみ_A BEST ” GUILTY “

Finally, we have full details about Ayumi Hamasaki’s 9th album “GUILTY”, check out the covers below! This album includes ayu’s new songs and PVs as well as the most recent digital single “Together When…” on CD and DVD.
CD Tracklisting:

01. Mirror
02. (don’t) Leave me alone
03. talkin’ 2 myself
04. decision
06. fated
07. Together When…
08. Marionette -prelude-
09. Marionette
10. The Judgement Day
11. glitter
12. MY ALL
13. reBiRTH
14. untitled ~for her~

“Together When … ” PV
PV of “Together When…” by MTV Japan:
DVD Tracklisting:
01. ~Distance Love~ (glitter/fated) <short film>
02. talkin’ 2 myself <video clip>
03. decision <video clip>
04. Together When… <video clip>
05. Marionette <video clip>
06. (don’t) Leave me alone <video clip>
07. glitter <making clip>
08. fated <making clip>
09. talkin’ 2 myself <making clip>
10. decision <making clip>
11. Together When.. .<making clip>
12. Marionette <making clip>
13. (don’t) Leave me alone <making clip>