Last day~~

31 July 07, Today is leo last day working in Twisted media.Next year i think he will continue he future studying.Im working in twisted 0ne year , we only done 1 project was ur last project in twisted. Anywhere i know u like become technical support hope you continue studying ur programming language and be fun don’t be crazy !! ok … … takecare bro !!


▲ leo ur face very gey lah … … hihi !!

Red Box ~~ 勁開心!

19 July 07 … Ah fai brother came to kl to do some shopping , and had a gathering together. We went to “Red Box” in Subang to dine and shop… only one command ” damn tired but very fun nevertheless !! ”


▲ if u want to take photo take the nice one … … ok !!


▲ we are the early bird … … some of them late … … hihi !!


▲ Give me a big smile … … konica!!

My dream ~~

This few month meet a lot of photographer or good photo … im feel want to take good photo too hihi … i plan 2008 can buy a SLR camera or semi-SLR camera … anywhere hope everything follow my plan … hihi img_0989_s.jpg
▲ friend’s slr camera … “let me try to shoot some good photo first … hihi” img_0991_s.jpg
▲ hihi … look like professional photographer !!